S&ER – Slit & Edge Rolled

Material is slit from stainless steel hot rolled plate or coil and then the edges are rolled to remove any sharp burrs. In this process the corners will drag down and will not have truly square edges or corners. If the squareness of the section is important please consider hot rolled or cold drawn products.

HRSD – Hot Rolled Softened and Descaled

Hot rolled, softened and descaled bar is exactly what it says. Processed under heat to shape and size, heat treated and descaled. Hot rolling is by far the most popular and economical technology to produce stainless steel products. Depending on the desired shape, mechanical properties and the surface condition, the process of hot rolling is particularly suitable and cost effective.

C. Drawn – Cold Drawn

Cold drawing is a precision reduction of the cross sectional area of pre-rolled profiles. Tighter tolerances and improved surface condition are two advantages of cold drawn stainless. In addition, cold drawing reduces downstream machining and overall finishing operations. It also provides dimensional consistency and improved straightness. There is a significant economic benefit to this method of production because it produces net or near net shapes that virtually eliminate scrap loss.  


Standard refers to the finish on the larger Round Bars. The finishing processes on these bars can be smooth turned, rough turned, peeled and cold drawn. Both plus and minus tolerances can be achieved on cross section. Usually minus tolerances h10/h9 are available up to 3” diameter but diameters up from 3” diameter will usually be a plus k tolerance.

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